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Pets Behavioral Counseling

Crazy Pet Behavior? Consult Our Veterinarians Today!

Like humans, animals also have underlying behavior issues. A sudden behavior change can be the outcome of age, environment, diet, depression, social life or any other thing. But, in most of the cases stress becomes the reason for weird pet behavior. Apart from mental conditions, some physical ailments causing pain or discomfort also lead to behavior problems. It is advised to the pet owners to ensure that they spend sufficient time with their pets.

It keeps you vigilant about the physical and mental condition of your pet while helping them overcome stress or any other internal health problem.

Professional Pet Behavioral Counseling

At Arc Animal Hospital, we provide pet behavior counseling for dogs and cats. Our animal behavior knowledge integrated with veterinary medicine to bring out the best results. Our vets can help:

  • Rectify the physiological problems as per accepted veterinary protocols.
  • Implement reliable behavior modification approach suiting your pet’s needs.
  • Prescribe suitable medications.
  • Diagnose any potential physical ailment which could be leading to behavioral issues and address it.

Before Pet Behavioral Counseling

In order to reach the root cause of behavior issue, we try to extract as much information as possible from the pet owners about pet’s daily routine, diet, and how they deal with them. This helps us in developing the diagnosis and treatment strategies for your pet.

What Can We Do for You?

During the counseling session, our vets will spend quality time with your pet to judge their mental and physical condition. They will meticulously observe your pet’s behavior while keeping in mind its behavioral history. After the complete diagnosis, they will:

  • Discuss the diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Explain follow-up instructions depending on your pet’s needs.
  • Demonstrate crucial behavior modification methods suitable for your pet.

Once the counseling is done, the pet owners are provided with a detailed summary of the entire counseling session. The summary includes all the crucial points observed by our vets and the potential reasons for such behavior along with an effective treatment plan.

Why Choose Us?

Our vets provide a comprehensive consultation for several complex behavior issues. Our experienced vets know how to deal with some undesirable or weird behaviors such as digging, unwanted barking, aggression, spraying, house soiling and more. We, at Arc Animal Hospital, hold the relevant experience and the right skills to rectify and effectively address the pet behavior issues.

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