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Arc Animal Hospital offers affordable spay or neuter surgeries to pets in Mississauga. Give your furry companion a longer and a healthier life by getting him or her spayed or neutered.

What is spay and neuter?

A spay is a surgical procedure involving the removal of a female animal’s reproductive organs, so she can can no longer become pregnant. Neuter is the surgical procedure involving the removal of a male animal’s testicles so that he can no longer impregnate a female. The veterinarian performs these surgeries by putting the animals under general anesthesia so that they do not feel any pain. An animal may experience discomfort after the surgery, but Arc Animal Hospital provides medication to help calm the uneasiness.

Why should I spay or neuter my pet?

Too many pet owners do not have their pets spayed or neutered, and this has resulted in an immense population growth leaving many animals homeless in Mississauga and across Canada. This has also created financial stress on rescue agencies and nonprofit animal shelters and citizens who are finding ways to address this problem. We recommend that pet owners have their pets spayed-neutered as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of spaying or neutering my pet?

Spaying and neutering can increase the lifespan of your pet and improve his or her quality of life. Here are the health and behavioral benefits:

  • Females will never suffer from potentially dangerous uterine infection or uterine cancer and are very less likely to suffer from urinary tract infections and breast cancer.
  • Males will never suffer from a testicular cancer.
  • Males are less likely to roam, act aggressively towards other males, or mark their territory with urine.
  • Females won’t display the mood swings, vocalization, restlessness and other bothersome behavior brought on by heat cycles.
  • Females won’t leave the messy spotting behind, and she will not attract attention from males.
  • No accidental pregnancies, so you won’t have to spend extra for the medical care of a pregnant animal and her children, or bear the responsibility of finding good homes for all of them.
  • Far less expensive than the cost of having an emergency c-section, treating an infection, or raising puppies or kittens.

Is my pet in good hands with Arc Animal Hospital?

Absolutely! Arc Animal Hospital veterinarians and technicians all have many years of clinical experience. Our veterinarians are fully licensed and skilled in using the latest surgical techniques. We give your pets pain medications to minimize discomfort and ensure a safe recovery. Our spay/neuter services keep your pet’s safety as our number one priority!

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